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Do unsightly gaps, chipped, crowded, or discolored teeth make you want to cover your mouth and hide your smile?  We are here to help you and give you greater self-confidence!

What are veneers?  Veneers are a thin, translucent coating made out of porcelain or resin that are applied to the front teeth to correct many dental problems including:

Discolored teeth

Front teeth that are chipped or worn

Gaps and other spaces between teeth

Teeth that are crooked

Porcelain veneers close spaces, increase length, create maximum whiteness and straighten teeth, so they are preferred by many of our patients.  They are also very durable.  Deep tetracycline stains can be removed from a smile with this procedure.  Veneers can sometimes allow patients to bypass orthodontic treatment.  In as short as two visits, you can have a smile that beams confidence!

What is the difference between veneers and crowns?

Veneers are not the same as crowns, which typically cover the entire tooth above the gum line. A veneer just covers the fronts and/or sides of teeth. Crowns are used to fixed cracked enamel, extensive decay, or defective fillings while veneers are used to correct discoloration, chips, and sometimes crowding.

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