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Give your smile a second chance with dental implants! Tooth implants are available in Fargo with Friendly Smiles Cosmetic Dentistry!

How can you premanently replace missing teeth without having to wear removable partials or dentures? One way is by using dental implants.  These wonders of modern dentistry are carefully placed where your original tooth used to be. It’s fairly quick to do and rarely uncomfortable.  Then, after a short healing period, a beautiful new replacement tooth is attached to the implant.  All the things you used to be able to do with your natural teeth can be done again with tooth implants!

  • Implants look and feel like natural teeth – so you can smile with confidence again!

  • Implants can be used in conjunction with crowns, fixed bridges, and many other restorative procedures.

  • Healthy implants can even prevent further bone loss associated with tooth loss.

  • From single-tooth restorations to complete smile makeovers, tooth implants are permanent replacements for missing teeth.

  • Dental implants make it possible for you to eat whatever you want for the rest of your life!

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